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robert graves: symptoms of love / chet baker + elvis costello: you don't know what love is

[una posible traducción, aquí]

love is universal migraine,
a bright stain on the vision
blotting out reason.

symptoms of true love
are leanness, jealousy,
laggard dawns;

are omens and nightmares -
listening for a knock,
waiting for a sign:

for a touch of her fingers
in a darkened room,
for a searching look.

take courage, lover!
could you endure such pain
at any hand but hers?

You don’t know what love is
Until you’ve learned the meaning of the blues
Until you’ve loved a love you had to lose
You don’t know what love is

You don’t know how lips hurt
Until you’ve kissed and had to pay the cost
Until you’ve flipped you’re heart and you have lost
You don’t know what love is

Do you know how lost hearts fear
The thought of reminiscing
And how lips tasting of tears
Loose the taste for kissing

You don’t know how hearts yearn
For love that cannot live yet never dies
Until you’ve faced each dawn with sleepless eyes
How could you know what love is

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